Gastronomy, fine Italian cuisine, and the fusion of different food experiences and cultures have been the core of the Ambrogio15 Group’s philosophy. We began in 2016 with Pizza at Ambrogio15 Pacific Beach, where our goal was to elevate this iconic dish, often considered “fast food” to a unique dining experience focused on high-quality ingredients and new flavor combinations. Over the years, we realized that it wasn't just the pizza world we wanted to explore to make a difference here in San Diego, but most importantly, we aimed at bringing a different and fresh perspective of Italian cuisine. Since 2016, we have opened our doors in four other locations, and we are about to open a new, authentic concept in Phoenix, AZ (coming in 2023).

Andrea Burrone


Giacomo Pizzigoni


Jacques Calame

Chief Operating Officer

Fabio Bascon

Chief Marketing Officer

Chef Silvio Salmoiraghi

Ristorante Acquerello, Italy

Chef Choi Cheolhyeok

Ristorante Acquerello, Italy

Chef Davide Colombro

Ristorante Acquerello, Italy

Chef Lucas Vita

Head Chef

Paolo Tucci