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Pacific Beach Italian Pizza Restaurant

An Italian pizza straight from Milano with a hand-crafted dough recipe, an innovative pizza-making process, a holistic approach to food and beverage with a focus on sustainable agriculture and farming. Whether you’re dining in or taking out, try all of Ambrogio15’s gourmet Italian specialties!

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The Story of Ambrogio15

Ambrogio15 was born both in Milano and San Diego in the minds and hearts of three young Italian gentleman who decided to leave the corporate world to being a new advenutre of passion, friendship, and a bit of foolishness. Born from the love of Milano, where Andrea, Giacomo, and Luca grew up and for San Diego, where the three studied, worked, and became who they are now, Ambrogio15 was built on authentic Milano-style pizza, an innovative cooking process, high-quality Italian ingredients, and a holistic approach to food and beverage.

The three entrepreneurs spent more than a year developing their main product — a special paper-thin-crust pizza — along with its variations: the thicker whole-wheat pizza, the soft Nuvola Focaccia, and the crunchy-crust Scrocchiarella. Conducting taste tests all over Italy, they created a new and original recipe that combined the best of every single pizza. They perfected recipes after hundreds of trials, selecting ingredients from the top small-scale, organic, and sustainable producers and farmers in Italy — mozzarella from the Consorzio della Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, aged Parma Prosciutto, DOP (controlled destination of origin) cheeses and cold cuts, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar from Modena, biodynamic wines, and craft beers.

When building our brand — choosing a name and designing a logo — our greatest challenge was in communicating the essence of Milano. We wanted to embrace the city’s history and modernity at the same time. For this reason we choose “Ambrogio,” a name that has deep meaning to all three of us. Ambrogio, an archbishop in the 4th century, is the patron saint of Milano and a symbolic figure. He represents a city of pride, a city where people feel first and foremost Milanesi (citizens of Milano). We strongly believe in the importance of our roots and are proud of our heritage.

The number 15 at the end of our name represents the diameter of our pizzas: 15 inches. Much wider and thinner than traditional Neapolitan pizzas, the number symbolizes the reinvented recipe and our customized formula.

Giacomo Pizzigoni / Co-founder
Born in Milano in 1989, Giacomo is a brand specialist with years of experience in the restaurant and food industry. After achieving an MBA from San Diego State University, with a focus on entrepreneurship, he worked as brand and restaurant manager at Vigilucci’s Restaurant Group in San Diego and then as a consultant for numerous restaurants and food businesses in Italy. He later became partner and brand developer of a European startup, We Deliver Taste, that connects agriculture and gastronomy with the goal of increasing transparency and high-quality product trade in the global food supply chain. Here, he developed his passion for the food and beverage industry. At Ambrogio15, Giacomo contributes to the development of a new pizza concept, where a special recipe, high-quality ingredients, and the stories behind the products and producers merge into a unique dining experience.
Favorite Quote: “Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has yet to come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.” This quote reminds him of his first time in San Diego, where he fell in love with California and realized the importance of enjoying every single day of this beautiful life.
Favorite Wine: VB1 vermentino from Selvadolce, Liguria, which helped him discover the natural wine world and the biodynamic agriculture and pushed him to become a wine connoisseur, expanding his knowledge towards the incredible biodiversity of his home country, Italy.

Andrea Burrone – Co-founder
Andrea is an HR specialist who specializes in the foodservice industry. He fell in love with San Diego — and with his wife — during an academic semester at SDSU. After receiving his M.Sc. in business management from Bocconi University, taking part in a global community development program in Russia, and becoming an HR recruiter and consultant, Andrea decided to follow his passion and enter the restaurant business. He has been passionate about food since his childhood when he assisted his grandfather in wine making and vegetable gardening. Andrea contributes to Ambrogio15 by helping to create an enjoyable working and dining environment.
Favorite Dessert: Ambrogio15 special Torta Cioccolatina (dark chocolate cake), as it reminds him of his first date with his wife Sofia at Vigilucci’s Ristorante in Coronado, one of the most important days of his life.
Favorite Hobby: Riding on his granddad’s 1964 Vespa through the Piemonte hills. He spent two years remodeling the entire Vespa with original parts.

Luca Salvi – Co-founder Luca is a business analyst and enthusiastic about the restaurant business. Born and raised in Milano, he received his master’s degree in International Business in Australia, where he lived for two years. Traveling all over the world, Luca developed his entrepreneurial mind to scout possible business opportunities. Before co-founding Ambrogio15, he worked for PWC, an international management consulting firm in the HR field. He left to follow his instincts and embark on an extraordinary and challenging adventure. Luca is the mastermind behind the new pizza concept and has played a central role in developing Ambrogio15 into a distinct dining experience. Favorite Sport: Surfing, a sport and a lifestyle he learned in San Diego and mastered in Australia. Whenever he gets the chance, Luca takes his board to the ocean and enjoys the San Diego waves.

Italian Happy Hour

Monday thru Sunday 4:30 – 6:00
Items subject to change


  • Karl Strauss Draft Beer (Kolsch Blonde or Red Ale) $5
  • Veneto Wines (Rose,Pinot Grigio,Sauvignon,Bardolino Red)
  • 20% OFF bottle
  • Biodynamic Wine Flight (3 glasses) $15
  • Bottomless Chianti or White Sicilian Wine $15 (p.p.)
    • Bottomless Mimosa with Prosecco DOC $16 (p.p.)
    • Wine of the Day at Special Price – Ask your server
    • SPECIAL COMBO of the Month: 1 Bottle of Ca’ del Bosco Italian Champagne (value of $69) + 2 Pizzas for $75 total


  • Focaccia Genovese with EVOO, Balsamic and Olives $5
  • Bruschetta Pomodoro Heirloom, garlic and basil $6
  • Mini House Salad $5
  • Mini Caesar Salad $6
  • Taste of Percorino Cheese $9
  • Taste of Prosciutti (Crudo, Cotto, Speck) $11
  • Mix of Cheeses and Prosciutti $10
  • Nuvola Focaccia (2 slices) Smoked Provola & Spicy Salame $7
  • Nuvola Focaccia (2 slices) Porchetta and Burrata $7
  • Homemade Dessert: Salame al Cioccolato or Yogurt Mousse $5

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